Breathing in the Sunrise!

We are in lockdown once again. This time the enthusiasm to save the word is dented by real data of people suffering. The chefs of last year have calmed and indulgence is at its lowest. But nature is still at work. It never stops healing. In between all the manmade chaos, I take a moment... Continue Reading →

Seeking My Inner Buddha

In that moment of icy despair, when the soul lay bare The mind was enthralled as the illusive veil before the eyes was torn away. The veil had condemned and ostracized, all that was a part of my being And I was looking westward always waiting for the sun to set and let a new... Continue Reading →


They stood there, heads buried in the sand Bodies shivering in fear... waiting “This too shall pass” they said Maybe they had their reasons They burnt the wayfarer blood stained their hands He looked suspicious “Just look at his clothes,” they said Maybe they had their reasons They took her to the darkness And devoured... Continue Reading →

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