lipssilent and sealedalas not with a kiss! but yester momentsof cracked wordsglued in tearsstained and broken. lips silent and sealedbut not with a smilelaced with secretsso viletaking in wordsdried… lips silent and sealedunwise unspokenweaving liesfrom strandsof unraveled soulunlived lips…

The value of remaining positive and beating procrastination.

Procrastination does to you mentally what paralysis makes you physically. I agree it is a strong statement, but that is what truly affects most of us, who fall prey to this life debilitating condition. There are times when howsoever positive minded you may be, the events and happenings on a particular day or issue might... Continue Reading →

The Pyramid

Siddhant is a spirited boy with wonderful ideas. He is enjoys reading and watching movies. He is enthusiastic about using the knowledge he acquires while reading books. The following is a story written by Siddhant as a part of a contest while doing his creative writing course from Abhivyakti. The Pyramid By Siddhant Singh Once... Continue Reading →

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