Masters of the Game

just like cigaretteit all goes up in smokered as emberthe heart burnsetched into the wallsecho screams of my silencefour letter wordschange their coursecelebrations of delighta theatrical geniusunderneath the mulching suffocate what remainsthere are days of unbecomingthere are days of schemingand with all that manipulationyou... I become Masters of the Game

To Love Him/To Love Him Not

He said that he loved meI chose to hear... notFor the clichĂ©d words don't fool me not anymore He said that he loved meI chose to hear... notCause I am afraid of loving backtill my heart gets soreHe said that he loved meI chose to hear notThough his words laced with winewere delicious as S'moreHe... Continue Reading →


Siempre I came across this word Siempre while watching Spielberg’s The Westside Story (remake of the 1961 musical). I read this word before somewhere in a statement by the singer Madonna, the word remained though I did not delve deep to find its meaning. The word came up once again, this time in the movie... Continue Reading →

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