Traffic Signal

Short stories are fun to write, they can twist and turn or simply leave you with a mellow sweet feeling. They can be tricky to write if one has to limit the words but the short story is usually an extended moment for the writer. The story is based on a prompt Traffic Signal but... Continue Reading →

Paper Cuts

She sat in front of the blank sheet wondering where to start. She looked at the variety of pens on the desk. He rarely wrote nowadays, most of his works were directly typed on his laptop. The writer’s desk was just for photo-ops with the media. Yet somehow every day he managed to clutter the... Continue Reading →


Writing Flash Fiction after a long long time. The dry leaves had not been trodden for years. The ground kept giving birth to more and moreover the years. It was like a population explosion. No one would sweep them off the grass anymore. Wild shrubs, creeper hanging over the golden Amaltas trees, which stubbornly stood... Continue Reading →

Sleepless Sunrise

trading midnight to insomnialazy eyelids refuse to closesomewhere in a distant echothe nightjar sings a sleepy prosewitching hour engulfsthe witch lays fidgetingas dark room plummetsinto a never ending black hole city lights twinklelike firefly's luminescencefading into twilightjust a step before dawnopening eyesinto the morning chilllike a clandestine loverreturning homeblushed in shades of pinkthe sleepless sun... Continue Reading →

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