How can this be the Will of God?

VIOLATED! Our right to live is no more in the hands of God, it has been taken away my those who think they have the right to kill in the name of God/Religion & even Politics. Hundreds of people died yesterday - men, women & children. Where is the list of their karma, to decide... Continue Reading →


Birthday Wisdom

There are greens and there are blues, you can be green with envy or you can be a melancholy blue, such is the effect of birthdays as the years pass by forget the pinks & blues of childhood, they are long past history.  These are serious colours which make and break our relations. We hope,... Continue Reading →

Stupid Cupid – No April Fool For A Forty Something Woman

Don’t know whether I should call it ironical or coincidental that the much celebrated month of March highlighting Women’s Day closes with the onset of April Fool’s Day! Welcome to the mayhem in my mind regarding Women’s Liberation and the Modern Indian Women. Trust me when I say, I was the atypical feminist all set... Continue Reading →

अधूरे शहर

इन वीरान अधबने मकानों ने खंडहरों के मायने बदल दिए कौन कहेगा कभी यहाँ शहर बसा करते थे? कभी इन घरों में लोग रहा करते थे? सदियों से बसे शहरों के उजड़ जाने का इतिहास पढ़ा था बिन बसे ही शहरों को उजड़े हुए आज देखा है कितनी आँखों के सपने अधूरे खड़े हैं सीमेंट... Continue Reading →


flotsam of the love lost in time not a reminiscence anymore alas, lost letters don't fall off pages to find their way back into hands of star crossed lovers nostalgia remains shut inside paperbacks not to be remembered again -Vibha

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