Scattered Thunderstorms…

... Says the weather report. Sounds like life on the daily front. A little bit of this and a little bit of that and at the end all is just a downpour. Rains are like life. They are pleasantly simple to happen if you read the water cycle in grade 4 science text book but... Continue Reading →

A Slice of Cheshire Moon

Sometimes there is night with clear starry sky when clouds are at bay and the eyes try to figure out constellations from old grandma's stories. The breeze just can't remain still and slowly tiptoes around brushing past our skin. That is the night when the moon glows with a Cheshire Smile. Writers and poets are... Continue Reading →

A Handful of Mountains

A Handful of Mountainsliving in my eyes,snowcapped peaksor conifers echoing of blue magpies.Wind rustles secrets into the Deodar's grove,pinecones playing along the hilly road.A walk down the jungle pathor a lazy afternoon after दाल-भात!Bring me back to the mountain lifeA window overlooking the valley,A door opening to a hilly ride.-Vibha

Wet Summer

waves of cloudsrolled on my patiowet summer Ah yes, the pluviophile is alive again. Indian summers seem to be taking a colonial stance; it has rained every summer in the last three years. The air seems breathable. It isn’t a heavy downpour and neither do the clouds seem to be in a heated argument, the... Continue Reading →

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