Moving On

Pivot is a word that sits on the window. Looking at me wondering evermoreAn unwelcome guest or a pleasant sightI ignore... For I entangle more & more Into strands of you and IShards of what you leftPrick into the numbnessOozing out the unaccounted painMuddled with tears of my feelings and your undoingThe mind is like... Continue Reading →

The Normal

I am not okayBut I will be eventuallyNot good Not betterOkay is all you seek for meI don't smileBut I will eventuallyfake maybeheavy yesA smile that I can't feelI don't laughI can't promise if I will everIt hurtsShards prickLet's keep it off the table And now we can sign the deal you designed for my... Continue Reading →

The Line of Grey

#TSLNapowrimo2023 #April3 #waltmarie#Prompt3 - Write a Waltmarie poem Tangerine hues weave into the blue ~Twilight A fine pause of grey holds the night, compelled to ~Let go Easier said than done, she whispers ~The night Alas, the morning's opinion is loud and clear ~Daybreak Unfolds the rays, ignoring the plight a broken heart~Uncovers

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