Somewhere In Between

Somewhere between heaven and earth,

Or may be before the inferno of dearth,

I look for a place to live, 

From where I can see the globe’s girth


I look for a space of my own in this living world

Work hard bread and feed the crumbs to the bird,

Attached a little to the earthy beings,

But a maverick detached from the insolent herd


I don’t think I will fit beyond the Golden Gates for good,

Nor will I be comfortable being roasted by men in hoods.

Just some open space to read, write & drink,

Some port wine will do for me, what no elixir could.


An arm chair to drop down, when mind is on a high,

To read some literature and often let out a sigh.

A writing desk with lot of blanks,

A pen to write and scratch my head or thigh.


I don’t understand much about heaven or hell,

But if you are around when I hear the final bell,

Just put this note for the holy one,

Somewhere in between, if I can dwell?


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