Life in a Shoebox

Life in a Shoe Box,
Can be quite interesting you see,
As the Shoe Box is a maze,
With no cavity.
Now the good part here is,
That I don’t have smelly socks,
So it is quite easy to live in a Shoe Box.

Claustrophobic some may call it,
But the walls are my friends,
The cardboard is much softer,
Think of people who live in shells!
I walk around the maze,
Sometimes a treasure or two I find,
So Life in a Shoe Box,
Is something I don’t mind.

Lonely? Is that what you asked?
I find dealing with people,
The toughest of tasks.
The maze has no end,
And there is no beginning too,
So Life in a Shoe Box,
Is just about living through!

I often hear voices
And there is some light falling,
Those airing holes you see,
Bluff you as if someone’s calling.
But I am adept at ignoring,
And a little arrogant too,
Because it is my Life in a Shoe Box
So how does it bother you?

© CopyRight Vibha Lohani 2016


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