राम कहाँ से लाएगा?

आया हैं त्यौहार दश्हेरा याद बहुत कुछ करा जाएगा, गाजे बाजे चका चौन्ध में आज फिर रावण जल जायेगा l आसान हैं एक पुतले पर तीर चलाना पर दशानन से आँख कैसे मिलाएगा? जब पूछेगा वह तुझसे तेरा सच अपने अंदर राम कहाँ से लाएगा?   नौ दिन देवी पूजी तूने क्या सच में स्त्री …

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It was a downpour that afternoon. She was drenched to the core. It was useless to stop anywhere so she decided to continue walking home. The afternoon sky had turned dark. There was eeriness in the atmosphere. The visibility was nil yet she kept on walking. She knew the way even with her eyes closed. …

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Two Sides Of A Coin

He sits in confession with his other side, A Priest by Chance, A Pervert by Choice.


Time Bound

The hands stood still The Old Grandfather Clock stopped So did his heart