Starry Night

I saw them after a very long time.
Those shiny dots up in the vast blue,
The city smog has cleared away,
Autumn winds have found their way,
The little stars smile at me
As I wonder what’s their story?
Long time ago, when i was a little girl,
Daddy asked me to look at the world above,
Two spoons big and small,
A hunter standing tall,
Seven sisters searching a note to sing
A scorpion ready to sting.
But my childish eyes looked beyond,
And saw a little star yawn.
I stand today looking at the twinkling cluster,
Wonder if the little star has grown to be a mother.
The rush and crush of this city’s grind,
Not a moment to unwind
I ponder why the stars seem so far today,
While all those years back they came down to play.

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