Fallen God

She lowers her eyelids To hold back the lava, Scarlet earth gives away Like a quagmire Sucking innocent flesh Death lingers in the air As war spreads its girth The holiness disappears Her heart questions The catastrophe And her tears reflect Her Fallen God! Why is it that only after war and death do we realise …

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Her Night Before Christmas

Alone she rides Across the pole on the sleigh, As it is the year's busiest day. She made sure, He is packed for the chill, The Red Coat mended To face the wind. The sack all filled With the tagged toys, And magic dust sprinkled To add the joy. The tired little elves Warm and …

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She stood there by the long candle. The hood covered her pale bony face well. Only the flicker of the candle light dimly gave away her features. She took a deep puff of the dope to ease the tension in her aching nerves. Living an anonymous life was not easy. The hotel singer job in …

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War for Peace?

Splish Splosh He walks on the bloody trail, River of blood gurgles, Man's quest to find grail. Shish Shash ... The sword cuts the flesh, Blood for peace, they shed   (#Trying Onomatopoeia)  


The King’s Prodigy

How true is the truth? Can we believe in everything we see or is there more to the visual? A short story I wrote for an assignment.


बचपन बहुत याद आता हैं

हलकी हलकी धुंद की चादर ओढ़े, सूरज झाँक रहा खिड़की से, नर्म कम्बल की गर्मी को हटाकर जब आँख खोली, घड़ी की सुईयाँ हँस रही थी, देरी के ताने कस रही थी. अच्छा था वह बचपन शायद, जब तुम एक और कम्बल उढ़ाते ठण्ड बहुत हैं सो जा बेटा कह कर अलार्म बंद कर जाते कुछ …

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Life on a Bench

She sits on the bench tired from all the work. Oh! How she wished Eric would just get her a glass of wine and say, "Here, my love, Cheers!" Eric was her second husband. They had been married nearly fifteen years. Her first husband Richard left her and their new born baby in lurch. After …

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