Quite A Bagful

I entered the metro women’s coupe from Hauz Khas and the one thing that caught my eye was big rustic brown leather bag. “What is it with Women & Bags?”

The way with which the lady carried her bag, showed that this was her prize possession. Even though it was a Sunday  yet the coupe was filled with Bags – I mean women. I walked down the aisle towards the starting of the men’s bogie to gasp some air. For all the work on my mind, I was too distracted by the bags. All sorts of colours gleamed in the warm white light of the coupe and the each bag said a story of its own. There was a monochrome bag contrasting the very colourful owner accompanied by a blue tote bag whose owner was elegantly wearing white. The train stopped at the next station and I was pushed ahead towards the end. On one side I had a wonderful view of the women’s coupe which looked nothing less than a showroom for bags and on the other I had a dull, sweaty, all heads and jeans stuck together men’s coupe.

If I try to describe the latter as a picture all I can sum up is that the only bags which really made way into that bogie were laptop bags same old brown and black or a little grey or olive (it is a shade of green besides being a fruit – for the men who read this piece). But most of the men just had a phone in hand and nothing else. I looked at a man who had his back towards me and all I could notice was the rectangular bulge in his jean’s back pocket. It must be his wallet. As I unsuccessfully tried to figure out how did everything he needed fit into that rectangular piece of leather; I realised I was being stared at by a senior lady carrying a very trendy hobo bag. So before I was unceremoniously accused of some form of abuse completely unaware objectified male I quietly took the phone out of my hand bag and jotted down the bagged picture.

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