Hate’s Legacy

Punish him right, My Lord,
For his father is a sinner,
He is born to fight My Lord,
He will be taught to kill every other.
Mercy is not a word he will learn,
So let us not show him any.
Innocent as his face may seem,
His race is known for tyranny,
KILL … his blood will shout soon,
He will not spare any for a blessing or boon.
My Lord, give us an ear,
Cause we are your children too,
When you erase every newborn of the race,
You will serve justice through.
His infant age and baby face are all a trap,
His blood is not red, on the back he will stab.
Yes My Lord, I want him killed,
And so my father did too,
He taught me how hateful they are,
And like a true son I have followed him by far!
#WordRevolution  #tinyrevolution  #covertedhate

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