Life on a Bench

She sits on the bench tired from all the work. Oh! How she wished Eric would just get her a glass of wine and say, “Here, my love, Cheers!”

Eric was her second husband. They had been married nearly fifteen years. Her first husband Richard left her and their new born baby in lurch. After nearly a year of his disappearance, Elisa married Eric.

Besides her own daughter, Elisa had two more children – twins with Eric. Their passion for each other did not change even with increasing responsibilities.

Elisa smiled. She touched the arm rest of the bench she was sitting on. Eric had helped her fixed this the first day they met. He had seen her struggling with the heavy seat from the road. A complete stranger to her he had leaned over her boundary wall and offered help. Elisa was so tired that she had agreed to take help from a completely stranger. And as they say … the rest is history.

For fifteen years life had been bliss. For fifteen years Eric could not guess what was beneath this bench. Now he wanted to expand the house. Now he planned to shift this bench to the other side.

None of her arguments convinced him. “The children need a separate playroom,Elisa.” he said that morning.

Richard would be back in her life if they moved the bench. At least his body would. She could not allow that.

Eric will be back home soon. It was time for her to put another bench.


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