Who Am I?

In the mid January cold, there is a lot of time to wonder. "Who am I, I am Who?", a point I often ponder. Grow Up! they said often, and they still continue to do, Child is it or not? I am as confused as you. Slow down! they said now and then, Relax I …

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The Blogger Recognition Award

I was nominated for this award by two people; sugarsatchet (https://sweepingtherug.wordpress.com) and AnkitaB (https://ankitab2.wordpress.com).  Thank you for the nomination. They have some wonderful things to share and their blogs are worth a visit. Here are the rules: ⇒ Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog. Write a post to show your …

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Daily Life

Peacefully poetic, Confusingly chaotic Lovingly luxurious Agonizingly angry, Irritatingly impossible, Pessimistically Prickly, Hilariously Happy, Menacingly mature, Simple!


Sundar Dadi’s Gold Earrings

Sundar[1] Dadi[2] was completely unlike her name. She was dark skinned and wrinkly. Her hair was a mix of white & yellow due to henna which she had stopped applying ages ago. A little bent with age she had a very peculiar grin because of her paan[3] stained lips and two gold teeth which showed …

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A Love Affair

Behold the night sky The moon kissing the mountain A secret so known Love’s clandestine meet Yet stars witness their embrace. Moon spreads its fingers Unaware of prying eyes Tears flow like river As the mountain yields to love Behold tonight forever … A challenge by a friend and inspirational poet - Trish (@PhynneBelle). I …

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Blessing or Curse

Blessing of immortality or curse in disguise.  Till eternity 'O' foolish man  You will carry the burden of life.


The Interior Decorator

Rehman squatted in the corner of the room smoking beedi as his father Mahmood’s body lay still on the floor before him. Circles of smoke floated before his welled up eyes but he did not dare to check if his father was dead or alive. Rehman belonged to a family of carpenters and the skill …

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