The New Year

2016 is over.

The year gone by made its mark in many ways for individuals and the society in general across the globe. Some left disappointed, some positive and some elated. Even with the difference of opinion about the year gone by, the New Year brings the same gift for all – Hope and Positive Perspective.

A start in itself is a positive thought. It can be the start of a day, the start of a week, season or the celebratory start of the year. The time is divided as per astronomical cycles and these cycles are indicative of change. Irrespective of our religion or faith, science or social practices – a new start is always indicative of a positive outcome. We may falter on the way but that depends on the efforts we put in or not.

Karma is no big secret to our human kind and even Karma supports a Fresh Start. Haven’t we all said at some point in time – Beginners Luck! May be it is Karma’s way of telling one – You are on the right path, go ahead put your best efforts. It is for us to understand the indication and not stop at one.

Time disguises its presence in the name of change and brings back the gaiety and fervor we lose to routine and mundane. Hence – the New Year! It may differ in terms of date or month according to our religion and region but there is always a new year. For e.g. in India itself beginning of the New Year varies in different regions and religions. The 1st day of Spring (Chaitra Month as known in Hindi – equivalent of April) is popularly celebrated under various names – Ugadi, Chaitra Navratri, Gudi Padva, Sajibu Cheiroaba, Cheti Chand across many States. Some celebrate it a few days later in the name of Baisakhi, Poila Baisakh, Rongali Bihu and Vishu. In the State of Gujarat, New Year is celebrated in the Ashvin month (equivalent to October- November), a day after Diwali. Plus we also celebrate the Grand Event of the English New Year on 1st of January, in sync with the rest of the world.

As we walk into the New Year with new resolutions, budgets and planning; all the same old celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries and festivals seem fresh. We don’t call it a re-start; it is New – Brand New.

A Happy 2017 Every One!


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