Occupational Hazard

Electric fairy lights danced on darkened streets. Ray walks ahead with a hood over his head, hoping not to attract attention of the youngsters. The street had always been a quiet and isolated neighbourhood, just the way he liked. But ever since the new people had shifted …
He dragged his left foot as he walked. The rucksack felt heavy yet he quietly continued towards the last house on the street. A man from the party was peeing on the street.
“Hey Brother! Need a hand.”
Ray ignores and walks ahead.
He reaches his gate but stops. Someone is following him. He doesn’t hear any footsteps but his well practised sixth sense alerts him. He keeps one hand on the knife that hangs by his pocket and holds the rucksack with the other. There he was, the man from the party along with another.
The green light flickered on their face for a moment followed by a blue one. Before Ray could say anything, both the men pounced on him.
“In his rucksack … it is in his ruck sack.” shouted one of them.
Ray shouted, “Help, no… leave the rucksack alone.”
Another moment something hit on his head and he fell down. All he could hear was voices. “I saw it man, check the rucksack. I saw a hand hanging out of it when I was peeing outside.”
“Why were you peeing outside?” said the other man.
“That is not important, check the rucksack.” said the first one.
“No let us call the police.” said the other.
Ray regained consciousness.  A man in uniform was standing by his head.
“Ray, got into trouble finally!” he exclaimed.
“Those morons, they mugged me.” Ray answered.
“No, they thought you were a killer.” said the officer.
Ray shrugged straightened immediately as his shoulder hurt.
“Look for a new home Ray. The neighbours now know you are a forensic expert who brings bodies home to study.” said the officer.
“I will need a new rucksack.” Ray replied.

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