The Murky Twin

It took me a long breath to let the truth seep in,
Within me dwelling for long was a forlorn sad twin.
I smile on the outside in a make believe world to survive,
But the more I fake outside, the more the twin thrives.
When things just seem so good and fine,
He coaxes me to drown myself in wine,
How do people believe in the happiness quotient,
The fear of being happy is his feature so salient.
Today as I stand by the ledge so high,
He questions my worth & why am I alive?
It is not as if the Happy for me is dearth,
But his fear of happiness is a secret I can’t unearth.
I get so lost in the dark labyrinth inside me,
He seems to be comfortable in the sombre realm.
“Jump” he says, jump of the ledge for peace,
But something holds me back, saying he is a cheat.
I look back to see the face of the warm hand that holds,
My friend with his smile lets the warmth unfold.
My twin is unhappy but takes a step back,
As my friend’s words pull me out of the delirious shack.


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