Who Am I?

In the mid January cold, there is a lot of time to wonder.
“Who am I, I am Who?”, a point I often ponder.
Grow Up! they said often, and they still continue to do,
Child is it or not? I am as confused as you.
Slow down! they said now and then, Relax I am still told,
Wind or Storm may be, someday the mystery will unfold.
Wake Up called the morning, Awake I was at night,
Am I a Dream yet realised, still to linger in the eyes.
Shut up Will You? they shouted, Can you ever stop talking?
Story Teller, Am I, As my words are still weaving.
Inside! they said, Stay at Home … dear me,
I might just be Freedom, Don’t you think, really?
Help Me, someone called out, Hold my hand, please.
Trust I am, I think, to a certain degree.
Calm Down, Don’t Shout, Easy are words I have often hear,
A tinge of Anger I may be, I can’t say for sure.
Sweetheart, Darling some words float in the air,
Love am I, guessing somewhere near?
Wiping tears, Kissing cheeks are things I often do,
Hope, I am for a pair of big round eyes too.

A difficult question to answer but the one we think we are is often based on what people think, say or expect out of us. In solitude when I think, I am a sum total of the roles I play or so it seems, yet I am often so detached from all the chaos. May be when I am in absolute solitude, I will be able to find my true self, till then Keep Guessing 🙂


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