He Was A Coward

He was a swindler deep inside – a used car salesman for the world. 
Trading under shady deals of things his mother remained unheard.

The old fifty’s song plays on the gramophone. She sits on the arm chair tucked comfortably with a blanket. Her eyes are closed but she is aware of all the sounds around. Her daughter had just walked out of the door. Swish – the way she walks dragging her feet was so uniquely identifiable. It is like him walking around the house – Swish was the sound especially when he walked on wooden floors. But what he did not make a sound about was his dealings. How was she to know a used car salesman could be a drug dealer? He was the father to her kids. She was the doting wife. They were in love. Of course she still loves him. He … he can’t say. Since the fall, he is paralysed and has lost his voice.
It is on her to handle everything now. It should have been her always who should have handled everything. He was a coward. She came to know of his actual business the day he was walking out with a big suitcase to pay for his life to the Don. The suitcase fell open. She had questioned, he poured out the truth.

The money could change their life for ever.

He denied, he had to pay for his life.

The fall downstairs was necessary.

He was a Coward!


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