The Beast In Me

The crimson oozes out from my veins and lures me for more.
A slash here or there is not enough. A claw fight with my inside was waiting for long. The Beast in me has surfaced out and is now on a bloodletting spree. I walk with a limp as it has gnawed my leg, the skin is red and the bone’s all clawed. But it is yet not pacified cause I am still alive.
Now I am not a vampire, they are elegant in a way. The beast in me will not just suck and be done with. It will churn my intestines till they turn inside out and it will tear away my stomach and drown my shouts.
It has lived inside me for long I know. I have fed it with my hatred and now I am a victim of his gore. It has reached my face and licked my cheeks and grabs a bite-full now I am unable to scream. I know the beast well to contemplate his next move but he doesn’t know my strength and that somewhere I have been true.
I know his favourite feast are my eyes but those are not for him to touch or tear. To save them from the kill every pain I will survive.

My eyes are for you … 
To see you when you are near. 
To dream about you 
And for you I shed a tear

The beast did wrong as he reached out for my eyes. Now he is in for a bloody surprise!


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