King of the Riches

“Let us wage war!” 
“My Lord, we do not have the resources.”
“Tax the poor!”
“My Lord, remember you killed them all. They were spoiling your view.”
“Who killed the poor?”
“Your sentinels of the lowest level.”
“Then tax them now”
“That you already did, My King. You ordered it in your drunken stupor.”
“Then get them killed as they are the New Poor.”
“Your wish is my command, Oh Messiah”
“And the  tax the corporals as they will be the new sentinels.”
“Are you sure O Mighty King! Your are moving them down the value chain.
“Are you questioning my decisions, You seem to be someone poor. OFF WITH HIS HEAD.”
“Mercy My Lord, Mercy”
“Oh alright, I am in a good mood. Continue with your gibberish!”
Then send sergeants to tax the corporals.
“The corporals are armed My King.”
“This is fun. Whoever wins between the Sergeants and Corporals, gets the title.”
“Which title, O’ King?”
“The title of the New Poor, O’ Foolish Minister.”
“And then …”
“And then sent the lieutenants to kill the New Poor!”
“That will kill most of our army, O’ King of Kings!
“Then Let Us Wage A War!”


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