The Unreal Me

I look around and feel the air, the chill shivers me down.

A step ahead as I take, I crumple a leaf’s crown.

It is dry and dead, killed by the scorching sun, I put myself at ease,

And as I take the next step forward, I hear a voice, “Oh Please”

Can’t you see we are lay here, it is our place for peace,

Walk as much as you may want, but lose your breath in a sneeze.

I knew not what it meant, a silent moment I paused,

“Was it a dream I was in?” a thought I then tossed.

I moved ahead a little more, I am sure I heard a snore,

The mind was a tricky place to be, I had learnt to ignore.

Now this was my grave mistake, because I felt something shake,

All my courage was a castle of cards, baseless and fake.

And then came a hand out of the earth, of rotten skin and bones,

It held my leg with all its might, as if nailed on a stone.

I was soaked in mud, grime and filth as it kept pulling me down the earth,

I fought and struggled and held with all my might, the nearest tree’s girth.

It was not rebirth that happened next, as I was all skin and bones,

But it was so plastic and I smelt of dirt but my grip was just like stone,

And then I heard a whisper, “Go along, live a life as if you are still born.

But remember that in reality, your soul from earth is gone.”

So I live along like a human, everyday’s work and relations to pave

And at night I quietly sneak back to the place, to lie down in my dry leaves grave.


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