GODevious Plan!

“Is there any thing more boring than sipping elixir and watching the universe?”

“Yes, watching you sip elixir and watch the universe!” says she, my loving Wife.

“What sort of remark is this, Wife? I am the creator. I am God.”

“Oh really, you think just creating a few designer balls and throwing them around space is creation.”

“Eh … But my dear, each ball is different. I mean look at Jupiter and Saturn.”

What about Saturn? The devil helped you balance those rings and Jupiter, what about it?”

“It is huge.”

“It is huge because you ended up using more clay than required to smooth it. Moreover, isn’t it why you fell short of clay for The Blue Planet? You think you were fair to it by filling it with water and using all the clay for Jupiter.”

“Did Earth put you up to this?” I ask.

“No it did not.” she replies.

“Hmm, in that case, I think you are right; there is something incomplete about it.”


“I am going into my Creation Lab for a few days. Do not disturb me unless you are bringing coffee.”

Earth has been giving me trouble since the beginning of time. It keeps asking for more, but I am glad Earth put my wife up to this. It is time to create something. Something the earth can relate to.

If there is one thing I have given the earth, it is variety but the planet doesn’t understand. If it needs more, then so be it.

The earth thinks it is clever, by using my wife against me. Let me use some dust from it and water.

“Hmm … Ah … No No this doesn’t look good … Wife, where is my coffee?”

“Already! It’s not even fifteen minutes you have entered the den. Thank goodness there is only one of you.”

“You know … may be? Wife, you just gave me an idea!”

six days later
“What have you been doing?” she asks.
“Completing Earth”
“Really but … he is still the same, wandering around the space.”
“Call him, I have some work for him.”


“Earth I hear you have a complaint.”
“None ‘O’ Supreme Power.”
“Don’t lie to me. I have created you and I hear you are not happy with all that you have.”
“Lord … what can I say” says the sly blue planet.
“Well then don’t and hear me out. You have all the elements to create the most beautiful garden on your girth. We will call it the Garden of Eden. Once you have created the garden in it’s centre you will plant this seed.”

“What seed is this, My Lord?”
“You needn’t know.”
“Why the secret? Why didn’t you tell Earth that it was just an Apple seed?” she bombards me with a questions the moment Earth leaves.

“Don’t worry, Earth will find on it’s own.”

“But you asked him not to …”

“I know Earth, it will.”
“Hsssssss … You summoned me ‘O’ Mighty Earth!” said the sly serpent king.
“Yes my friend, Great Serpent. Something is bothering me.”
“Oh! Let me help you.”
“There is a seed, I have planted in the Garden of Eden. It has not germinated till now. God gave it to me but did not tell me what it was.”
“God loves playing Mysterious. He just wants to show off that he is the creator. Let me go inside and check.”

There I knew it. The earth will be restless to know about the seed, now that I have asked it not to.

It is time.

“Man, you are my loveliest of creation. I have created you from the fine dust and the crystalline water of the earth. I will send you to the place where you will feel at home.”


“I have just created you, Man. You are one of my finest creations. I have instilled in you the ability to think beyond the obvious. I have blessed you with features of my own. Yet my son, you sulk!”

I just can’t help but smile. I was right in using the raw material from Earth. The Man has everything graced by me but his temperament … he already complains.

“Tell me Man, why are you sad?”
“God, My Father, I will be alone in the Garden, you call my home.”
“Oh, so you want a companion. So be it.”
“Ouch! It hurt.”
“I just took a bit of clay from you to make you a companion.”

This is amusing. He has already started asking for more. Just a little dust of desire and my work is done.

“Here Man, meet your mate, Woman.”

There, the dust of desire has started its work. Man will follow her everywhere.

“Now my children go ahead and enjoy the Garden of Eden. But beware, do not, I repeat, do not go near the Forbidden Tree at the centre of the garden. And never ever eat the fruit it bears.”

Now my task is done. The rest will be history.

“You better stop spending your evenings with the Devil. I see you working out some devious plans. Why are you making such a hue and cry about a simple Apple Tree?”

“You see my lovely wife, the Earth was setting wrong precedents for my other creations. Man may be my creation but he is made from the same dust as Earth. He will show his true colours soon and the Earth will have a lesson to learn.”

“What next will you create?”

“Nothing for a long time, my dear. Come Wife, sit with me and sip elixir. Let us watch the drama … unfold.

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