The Odd Couple

A bouquet of dead flowers falling apart, dust covered the dates of the calendar hanging on the wall. The floor creaked as they stepped forward. His palms were sweaty, she felt faint. They never imagined this is how it would be for the first time.

She held the bag tightly more as an attempt to hold herself together. He nudged her to move ahead and sit. There was a bed with stained mattress, the foam almost bursting out, but she chose the chair. She sat on it almost expecting it to fall apart. He picked the old newspaper and tried to dust off the mattress before he sprawled on it. She looked at him with disgust. He sat erect on seeing her expression.

“We cannot afford anything else.” he answered to her unspoken question.

“We did not need to disappear, we could just behave like a normal couple.” she remarked.

And then with a sigh she opened her bag. There it shone between all the rags. This was their first heist.

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