Dawn of Spring

IMG_20170221_082620.jpgSpring has finally taken over the Winter Chill. The eerie silence of a cold winter is replaced by the chaotic chatter of the early rising spring birds. Somewhere in the middle of the night the peacocks decided it was warm enough to throw away their feathery blanket and indulge in a midnight soiree. Whoever said humans were noisy must have never heard the cacophony of a peacocks gathering!

Dawn in spring time is always a musical affair even the birds look forward to. The noisy chirping is taken over by a melodious rhythm as the sky changes its colour to a lovely pink.

If really colours are gender specific ‘Pink is for Girls and Blue is for Boys’ then God surely is a woman. How else can one explain the beauty of the Pink Dawn?

I am lucky to be an early riser. The musical silence of the dawn makes it worth the effort.

Hear – the birds go again! It must be their cheer after yet another successful show at dawn.

Spring is a busy time for birds. Often I wonder if they are in competition with each other. The Cuckoo does seem to overpower the others, but the little birds do not give up so easily. The chorus of their chirp has silenced the Cuckoo – at least for a while.

The effervescence of the birds is infectious. A Laughing Dove otherwise calm and composed has joined the band wagon and is cooing aloud perched behind my AC Unit. The bits and pieces of straw and sticks spread on my balcony clearly indicate we will be sharing accommodation with this persistent couple of Laughing Doves.

Their cooing really has the feel of a child like giggle.

The noisy parrots wake me up from the morning stupor. It is time to start my day. I close the alarm before it sounds off and spoils the Spring Melody still playing in my head.

Spring has arrived. Good Morning!

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