A Messy Affair

There are only two ways in which one can convert life into a complete mess. –

  • Fall in love and then work it out with both the families to come together for your marriage
  • Renovating your house.

And I seem to now have dire experience of both the situations. The second one is in process. Having been locked inside my room for nearly 2 hours, I am restless and walk out to look at the never ending renovation work.

The fine white dust welcomes me from all corners. The passage into the dining room seems a safe haven but I still step out only to realise, that the workers have chosen not to cover my glass top dining table and chairs. Crossing the area I run my finger over the white dust on glass table and do the obvious – write my name.

The swishing sound of the sandpaper being rubbed against the wall seems very rhythmic. The sofas covered with old bed sheets amuse me as I wonder how do they show impeccably white covers spread over things in movies and television shows. Here I have a faded angry bird looking at me and a bored Mickey Mouse with a hole in its nose, completely disinterested in its surroundings. Nothing is white except the dust that too will be removed before the walls are added with colour.

I just pray that the second messy affair ends up as colourful as the first!

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