Life is Like Tea in a Cup meant for Coffee

I am glad I am not an engineer or else the allegory would definitely be “Life is like Water in a Glass meant for Wine!” Isn’t it the truth that we all are in containers that may be not meant for us? A letter from a friend recently put me to thought - Why do... Continue Reading →

As you sow …

"Brethren we shall survive, God is on our side!" His voice was loud, So cheered the crowd. Alas he didn't know, He was more mortal Than any man. What his Messiah did not tell him, His new born was part of the plan! When men decide in the name of God!

धूल बहुत थी।

I grew up in the small city of Dehradun. The influence of the town just rubs into your personality and no matter where you go you will always yearn for the little pleasures it yields. A mountain range to boast of, a canal flowing through the city, a forest, huge open bungalows, Mango and Litchi trees and my childhood...

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