Two Sides of the Same Coin

A wedding anniversary brings back the moment when you often think what if you would have just stepped back. What if you would have just decided otherwise? Yes it would only happen in a dream because being born Indian comes with its share of ‘Big Deals’; marriage being one of them.

While I really cannot play the blame game with family here as I chose the man I married; but had I not chosen him, my entire gang of relatives would have ensured I marry someone appropriate.

‘Happily Unmarried’* doesn’t really fit into an Indian philosophy of life. It is just a brand where I prefer to buy gifts for my hubby dearest.

What is marriage really?

A sum total of two individual forces, forcing each other to live life their way!

Nah; that is just humour. Nine years of married life and I still cannot define marriage. Everybody knows there is nothing like a perfect marriage and yet we yearn for one.

Does it really matter that we are not perfect?

I look at the years we have spent together. I agree it has not been a swift ride for both of us. While we may have matured about some aspects for most of the others we remain the opposing forces we are. It is like two sides of a coin, while we face the opposite side; we have each other’s back.

We stick together.

And once again we agree to disagree happily ever after!

*Happily Unmarried is a gift portal quite popular in India.


7 thoughts on “Two Sides of the Same Coin

      1. I have also written one essay…bold I think…if you want, find it under the title M: Tale Of Red River in recent posts of my blog…leave a comment if you read it…


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