Life is like a Chicken Stew

Someday you will pass,
Where I have been,
And then you will realize,
There is more to see than beyond the eyes,
But let us not steal the fun from you,
Cause life is like Chicken Stew,
It will take its own time to cook,
So simmer the heat and enjoy a book,
Sometimes the grind may seem so evil,
That everyone around has a pact with Devil,
Just pause for a moment and think out loud,
“I am the Messenger of God in this crowd.”
And when you are done with reading some literature,
Go out right and make friends with a stranger,
See the world through his view,
Then come and add pepper to the Stew!
Just churn it a little to spread the heat,
And go spread yourself on that stadium seat,
Watch a match or two – Hurrah!
And then write for someone a true epitaph.
Take a walk to the nearest park,
Feel the sunset, enjoy the dark,
Come back and give a stir or two,
Enjoy the whiff of the simmering Stew!
A job is necessary of course you must do it,
Work is like coffee, first you must brew it.
Don’t gulp it down or it will burn your throat,
Pause a while, learn and take some notes.
Look out for your friends and family too,
It is okay to have days terrible & blue.
This is how you spice up your Stew!
And then will come a time,
When you are ready to lead,
Stand before an audience like me and read,
Words of wise men, who cooked their meal,
At the end of the day closed their eyes and kneeled,
You will know by then, that life seems long,
But living moments are few before the final gong.
So in the end, add some spring fresh dew,
Put an arm chair by the fireplace
And enjoy your Chicken Stew!


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