Did He Know?

She sat with her eyes lowered and her engagement ring clad hand fiddling with the salad fork. It was embarrassing, she should feel happy for him, but her eyes were moist. She tried to hold the tear back. She did not understand her own reaction to his announcement. A year back when she had announced that she was in love, he was happy for her. He even helped in convincing her family for the wedding. As her wedding date neared they spent the past three months doing her wedding shopping. He even told her fiance about her likes and dislikes and the things she was passionate about.

Just a fortnight left for her wedding, yet she moved out of the hustle to meet him. “I have some news.” he said.
She should have been elated on his announcement but her eyes welled up. For someone who knew her so well, he was barely aware of the tempest brewing inside her. He was always around her. When did he find time for someone else?

She pushed back her thoughts and said, “Congratulations”

They had a quite dinner. She did not speak beyond a ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘good’. He insisted on a dessert but she denied.

She climbed on her scooter and drove off. She knew he always stood and watched her drive into the horizon. For the first time she turned only to see him walk away. He used to call up to check with her mom if she had reached home safely. She often forgot to inform him and fell asleep. Today she waited wide awake … but the phone did not ring.

It has been  ten years to that day. They are still friends. They still meet once in a while along with their families. She wonders … Did he know?


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