Potent Proposal

The Potentate’s eyes fell on her,
His lips twirled behind his bushy beard.
Her roundness was perfectly placed,
He felt her through his eyes in naked disgrace.
He sent a diamond or two to get her attention,
She refused his lusty fascination.
For she had a lover of her own,
The theatre owner’s youngest son.
They hid in corners after every act,
Their feelings hidden like a secret pact.
It was easy for her, she was the lead actress,
But for him, not meeting her meant distress.
One such evening, after an applauding play,
He wooed her into a venereal foray,
His tongue moved up her spine as she stood,
His organ pressing her for good,
She moaned in pleasure as his hand ran under,
Their lips locked in a playful banter,
She fell on the silk, sprawled on her bed,
He fell on her, numb and dead,
She gasped for air for a moment or two,
Her eyes opened to see the Potentate, she had refused,
He devoured her nakedness in his breath,
And pushed himself inside, as she spread,
She moaned and gasped in sensual pleasure,
He reached inside her where the boy could never,
She sold her soul to become his queen,
The passion in his eyes had a murderous gleam.
The dead boy’s eyes witnessed the naked dance of betrayal,
She too lay dead, for accepting the King’s proposal.


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