Serendipity Unsealed

You walked into my dingy shade,

For respite from the scorching sun,

I lay there alone like a knotty affair,

Waiting to be undone,

You glared at my bare soul,

Unashamed to show your yearn,

You gulped the wine down your throat,

As if it was rum.

I shivered in the heat, waiting for more,

When the ice flowed down my spine,

I whispered softly in your ears, “Ever Thine”

You kissed, you touched, you fondled & hurt,

But not came out a word,

Entwined in each other we were,

But where was the love?

Contused my body yearned for more,

Like a cigarette stub you crushed my soul,

“It was a mere accident.” you said and closed the deal,

For me it was the moment when Serendipity Unsealed!


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