Plane Gain

Life seems simple when I am just an aeroplane.
It is easy to fly away from anything to anywhere.
Now I would love being a Jumbo Jet, but yet,
To transfigure into a Sky Hawk is fun too.
Of course I am powerful,
Any man who can transform into a plane would be!
But it is the human part I am not ABLE TO HANDLE.
I am a superhero of sorts, I can transport people to safety,
I can somersault in the air, I can nosedive and glide high,
It seems like I can touch the sky.
Such is the power, when I am an aeroplane,
But honestly for me there is only one gain,
I can fly away from being a human,
I can fly away from all my problems,
Selfish I am, you may say,
To abuse my powers in this way.
But did I not tell you, I am a human too.
And I crash more often as a man,
Than aeroplanes across the world do.


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