Autumn Leaf

The branch holds my hand As if never to let go, It is strong enough to withstand the gale, But I am destined to fly. I am the Autumn leaf, The speck of gold lying on the earthen floor Musing my way through life. I belong to some tree, Do I? For in another's shade …

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Rain ‘a’ Musing

Finally it rained. Whoever reads my blog must wonder if I am the weatherman’s or rather the rain-man’s daughter? For I start writing with rain. My ink-pot definitely dried off in summer. Now when I read what I wrote in the heat, I can honestly claim – it sucks. Not very long ago a friend …

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Secret Agent

He had never been to a Chinese restaurant with a live band. It was amusing to see the singer. The song was a bad musical version of some old Chinese tale which most of the guests in the restaurant did not understand. But the singer intrigued him. She was obviously a made up Chinese and …

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