Autumn Leaf

The branch holds my hand As if never to let go, It is strong enough to withstand the gale, But I am destined to fly. I am the Autumn leaf, The speck of gold lying on the earthen floor Musing my way through life. I belong to some tree, Do I? For in another's shade …

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Live While it Lasts

Let us live it while it Lasts Future is often regret of the Past I live with you forever Now But after life doesn't count in my Vows Because, who will Cry When you Die? And life after death is the biggest Lie!

Return of Estella

My favourite character from Dicken's classic just rewoven in my words.


Legend of Hanuman

Tail set afire, Golden kingdom Or Pyre? Loyalty’s epic tale!


Love Cocktail

I drink a cocktail of moonlight Let it flow down my nape. Your cold fingers move along As you feel ... A dew drop on my eye, Sparkles in your eyes, Like burning ice I am lost in you Melting ... I clinch to the pain of your bite The spurt of warm blood oozes, …

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Rain ‘a’ Musing

Finally it rained. Whoever reads my blog must wonder if I am the weatherman’s or rather the rain-man’s daughter? For I start writing with rain. My ink-pot definitely dried off in summer. Now when I read what I wrote in the heat, I can honestly claim – it sucks. Not very long ago a friend …

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Secret Agent

He had never been to a Chinese restaurant with a live band. It was amusing to see the singer. The song was a bad musical version of some old Chinese tale which most of the guests in the restaurant did not understand. But the singer intrigued him. She was obviously a made up Chinese and …

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