Sorry Causes Headaches!

And headaches
It does cause
For every time
One comes up
I think
I should applause
For what does one do?
With a word
So hollow
That it echoes
In its own labyrinth
And a series of un-truths
For if they meant
What they said
And they said
What they meant
Sorry would never
Find a place
In a Happily Forever!

7 thoughts on “Sorry Causes Headaches!

      1. I’m soo soo sorry. For some reason I always confuse between you and another blogger,even though I know your blogs are two different blogs. It’s probably because you two write very similarly. I’m soo soo sorry again. (looking for a hole to hide her face in)

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  1. I guess it just doesn’t apply to the above-mentioned word only. At the end it depends on the conviction with which anything is said. Words of courtesy have become redundant partly because they lack that conviction. We say these words because we have been trained to, the underlying feelings long forgotten.

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