Autumn Leaf

The branch holds my hand
As if never to let go,
It is strong enough to withstand the gale,
But I am destined to fly.
I am the Autumn leaf,
The speck of gold lying on the earthen floor
Musing my way through life.
I belong to some tree,
Do I?
For in another’s shade I lie,
I have travelled far on the wings of wind,
I do not belong to the sky.
In a million years you may see me again,
Imprinted on a fossilised rock,
You will study my shape,
You will trace my tree,
Never will you know I am the Autumn Leaf.
I pick myself to fly away with the breeze,
Let myself be played with destiny.
Winter arrives with a heart so cold,
The orange and gold that your eyes behold,
You yearn to hold me just a little more,
A desire to possess creeps in your heart,
But nature’s ways are uncanny.
I do not belong to a single branch,
A vagabond of sorts, I am the Autumn Leaf!


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