Love Cocktail

I drink a cocktail of moonlight
Let it flow down my nape.
Your cold fingers move along
As you feel …

A dew drop on my eye,
Sparkles in your eyes,
Like burning ice I am lost in you
Melting …

I clinch to the pain of your bite
The spurt of warm blood oozes,
Moonlight glows beneath my skin
I Shiver …

Undoing all that I held together
Relishing my drunken stupor
Drinking moonlight with your lips over mine
Kissing …

My warm is lost to the night
As slowly your hand paces down my spine
Holding me tight by the curve
You Enter …

Forbidden as love may be,
I take you in as the moonlight gleams,
Drinking on to each other’s skin
Entangled as One!


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