Rain ‘a’ Musing

Finally it rained.

Whoever reads my blog must wonder if I am the weatherman’s or rather the rain-man’s daughter? For I start writing with rain. My ink-pot definitely dried off in summer. Now when I read what I wrote in the heat, I can honestly claim – it sucks.

Not very long ago a friend pointed out that I should not use the word ‘closet writer’ for myself. It was high time I came out of the closet. I agreed to the thought. Thinking back now I feel I should write my introduction as Seasonal Writer or Rainy Writer for I definitely write when it rains.

It may have something to do with my connection to Dehradun or the fact that I grew up reading Ruskin Bond stories or the blood in my veins has mountain ancestry or all the reasons together. So not really cutting the long story short weather is directly proportional to writing.

We, city dwellers have little to enjoy when it comes to nature, so we wait. We wait for holidays to run to the hills, we wait for rains (albeit the traffic jams and water logging) and we wait for winter (minus the smog). And sometimes when the Weather God is really in a good mood, our wishes do come true even if for a short while. We are happy beings that way.

Droplets on my eyelashes

Droplets from the sky

The chill of the rain

Brushes my skin

Ecstasy, I can’t deny!


5 thoughts on “Rain ‘a’ Musing

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  1. Today I saw the monsoon clouds and the cool air as they kept me good company when I rode my scooter from trivandrum to kochi, a good 210 kms and got thoroughly drenched in allepey. The sea raring to come overboard in full blossom appeared beautiful and yet dangerous. The hot air has disappeared and kerala is in for beautiful chimes of the rains season.

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    1. 🙂 I have been to twice to Kerala and luckily once during rains and another time during winters so I enjoyed the best of seasons for the place. I was in class eighth when we travelled by road from Trivandrum to Kanyakumari and the entire stretch was so beautiful. It was raining. The second time was in 2007 in winters Cochin, Munnar, Kumarakom, Allepy the entire road trip was awesome. Two-wheelers and rains are an awesome combination.

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