Return of Estella

Tracing her steps back in time
She looks into the magic mirror
The wrinkles fade to show a rosy skin
The lips bloom to fervour
The ebony hair flows down her shoulder
Like a playful river
Knots of breeze tie like ribbons
Satin blue was her colour.
With her beauty intact,
She smiles,
The smile to which countless hearts yield
Yet something is amiss
Her beauty remains incomplete.
Then she sees,
What her eyes did not –
The hollow in her heart
Estella” the walls echoed
The name from which she could not part.
A wicked laugh rose through the mirror

“You cannot hide behind the hair now white
A soul so black,
Like the dark of the night
Reflects its evil through the eyes

Her hands trembled and dropped the silver comb
Ghosts from her pasts returned from the tomb
She crashed the mirror
The laugh echoed louder
Shards of glass pricked through her eyes
Once again she turned a blind eye
To her fairy tale of lies.


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