We heard it all … We know it all

I hear an echo distant yet near. It seems as if someone is whispering in my ear.

“We know your secrets too well.”
“What … what secrets?”

I look around and analyse the eccentric sound. It think I know the voice behind the echo but I am unable to place a finger on it. Is it Sameer?

No, it couldn’t be.  Sameer would not call or whisper to scare. He was of the type to jump out of closets or from behind the doors. Moreover Sameer is dead!

There is an eeriness in the call. It is someone I know, but who?

“We know your secrets too well. We heard it all …” 
“What secrets? Who is in this room?”

I am sitting erect on the arm chair. I had to do away with my sluggishness. The woollen wrap falls off my shoulders. I am sweating and shivering at the same time. Somebody knows it. Someone has heard it.
It is impossible. I have been very careful. I have always been the Miss Goody Two Shoes. Sameer did not believe even as I told him with his dying breath that I had poisoned him.

Why am I thinking about Sameer now? He is long gone. Five years is a long time for everyone to forget.

“Not really.”… “We remember. We hold your secret within us.”

The whispering echo, once again. It is louder this time. No body knows my secret. It is entombed in the walls. I did not let people find his body and guess he had been poisoned. I was very careful. “He slipped down the cliff while trekking.” I said.
Everyone believed me.

“Yes we know …” 

The whisper is getting louder.

“Sameer” I can hear my voice. “Let us leave this cavity in the wall, we can decorate it with something.” 
“It is big enough to hold a body.” Sameer replied.
“Yes a man’s body.” I whispered.

We heard you.” said the echo.

I am suffocated. The walls are closing in. The room looks smaller. I am feeling claustrophobic.

The walls around feel cold. They are suffocating me. I can’t breathe anymore.

“We heard it all. We know it all” 


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