The Politics Of A Negative Mind

“The human mind is so complex and things are so tangled up with each other that, to explain a blade of straw, one would have to take to pieces an entire universe.”

– Remy de Gourmont

But of course I picked this quote from Google and pasted it. At least I can claim to have read a few chapters of the author’s book ‘A Night In Luxembourg’. For people who don’t know Remy de Gourmont – He is a French Author, Poet, thinker ….

I am plain human. Let my race, country, religion be in the backseat because that has nothing to do with my brain or anybody’s for that matter. As a matter of fact, let us not even use the word brain, we will use the word Mind.

The brain is just a physical organ but the mind transcends beyond. It is metaphysical and it is complex and Remy’s quote here uses the phrase ‘a blade of straw’ for the brain that is precisely what catches the eye when one talks about Mind.

The mind is like a blade (can’t be sure of metal or straw) and that too a two edged one. I will not call it a sword because a sword is too obvious to the eye. It is like the blade our Dads used – Wilson or Wilkinson something. Yes, you got it right, I am talking about the same razor blade which was an effective tool for pickpockets and for many years caused havoc in Mumbai local trains.

So why is the mind a razor blade – it is sharp, can be useful in a positive sense and also has the power to slash away people’s sanity, sometimes in such a subtle way that the receiver may not even realise it till the damage is done. And when we are in the vicinity of a negative mind – God Save Us!

The blade of a negative mind is honed and polished at the cost of others. Politics is the mechanics used behind the entire process of sharpening the blade. If you have been the victim or closely watched a negative mind at play you will understand and recognise the scars it can cause in the mere process of sharpening. Slashing comes at a very later stage.

Consider yourself to be a stone, lying happily in the bed of the stream. A hand fetches you out, caresses you off the dirt and admires the smoothness you acquired over the years while dealing with water. They show around your beautiful designs formed by the passing waves for hundreds may be thousands of years. And as you bask in the glory of all this attention you are slashed with a knife. You are the stone they use to sharpen their blade.

Of course all this sounds too metamorphic and philosophical, the simple explanation is that a negative mind will slash you at the moment when you are perfectly happy and content. It loves to create unbalance and chaos. The negative mind thrives on creating disturbance. It is so much like politics. It doesn’t really gain in peace. The disturbance and negativity act as fodder for it to live and when such things don’t happen on their own, it uses own devices to slash through the moments and create negativity.

Often the victim is someone close.

It doesn’t matter to a negative mind who it uses as a sharpening tool. The power to slash others is so alluring that it doesn’t really matter who the target is!

How does a negative mind come into play? I am not an expert to comment on this but there some simple observations made across time in the personal and professional space which bring me to certain conclusions. These conclusions are not carved in stone but are a result of certain experiences while dealing with people who proudly possess a negative mind.

A) The more happiness around, the more uncomfortable it is.

B) Jealousy is just one aspect, a negative mind doesn’t appreciate when it is not the centre of attention.

C) It definitely is the epitome of ingrate. So while all the effort you do to please a negative mind, there will always be dissatisfaction and that too well conveyed.

D) Such is the brutality of a negative mind that it can use lies, exaggeration or discontent to extreme levels sometimes even resulting in mental and physical abuse to get their way.

 The last point makes them easily identifiable but most of the negative minds we deal with float amongst the first three categories doing the kind of damage they want to and gaining pleasure in the process.

There is one more kind of negative mind – the one that loves to be miserable. Its context – Happiness is a Sin. It does not believe in happiness and will create its own miseries. It loves to live within one’s woven web of miseries and any friend or family trying to help them out is actually an anti-hero in its opinion.

You have to show your concern and feel miserable along with it but never ever dare to sort issues. And how does this miserable mind effect our sanity?

Well it is a perfect attention seeker!

It will drag you knee deep into misery while all the time you believe you are helping the victim and when you realise that you actually are the victim, lo-behold you are in a quick sand of misery.

Is their a solution? Not that I know of.

All I do is I keep my radar on and the moment there is an indication of a negative mind around I walk away to find my peace. It is not always easy. As mentioned earlier, usually it will be someone close. It is very easy to fall victim. Moreover if you are a reactive person it becomes more and more difficult to break-free. Because it thrives on your reactions. It gives them fodder for more.

It is difficult but one needs to practice. The fact that you are unaffected makes a negative mind uncomfortable. It will try to create situations that are overbearing for their target. But do not give in. Once you identify the negative mind, face it with your self worth and happiness.

At least that is what I try.



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  1. Fantastic article on how negative people are great manipulators and abusers. I have one such person in my life and I can’t tell you just how poisonous that person can be. You do the right thing in walking away from negative people because thats the only way these people should be dealt with.

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