The Rail Yard

I quietly sat in the corner of the overcrowded waiting room; clutching bag with one hand and holding a book in another. A train had derailed in the morning because of which many trains were delayed and the station was crowded with people waiting for the mess to clear up. I somehow managed get a decent seat near the window. A lady next to me struck a deal. In case of washroom emergencies we would save the seat for each other.
It was difficult to breathe in the humid air filled with sweat, piss and other pungent odour. I opened the window and saw the abandoned old rail yard. The lady in the next seat looked out of the window and said, “They vacated it because it was haunted.”
A tea vendor moved around serving tea to people.
“Don’t look towards that yard, Sir. Even looking at it is like a bad omen.” he said.
I took the half filled Styrofoam glass from the vendor and asked, “Why do you say so?”
“There is something evil about it. Any train bogie that was stationed in it overnight would meet with an accident the next day.” he said.
“What rubbish?” I exclaimed.
“The new yard was flooded due to rains so they parked some coaches here a day before. They are the ones that derailed today morning.” he informed.
People around us overhearing the conversation started murmuring. The vendor enjoying the attention added more information. “Sometime back, a man decided to spend a night in the yard. Next morning his dead body was found holding a book in one hand and his bag in another. No one knows what happened that night.”
A mad commotion started. The lady next to me shrieked, “It’s him.”
Time for me to go!


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