Jeremy Is Dead

Smoke filled the dimly lit room.
A pack of wolves hovered around,
Flaky red eyes, glaring through the smoke,
“Jeremy is dead!”

The hounds had no claws,
They did not bite,
Holding needle they made a grimly sight
“Jeremy is dead!”

Blood oozed from injected scars,
Annihilated stink spread far,
They licked the wounds to their fill,
“Jeremy is dead!”

The pink stain on their lips,
Is far too inviting,
He pays, she pays; all are fighting
“Jeremy is dead!”

A pot of yearn
The desire for grass
Some liquid pours into clinking glass
“Jeremy is dead!”

Cheers to the guy,
But who is he?
You or Me – a faceless body,
“Jeremy is dead!”

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