I am !

The morning comes with a new life and as an Optimist I start.
I pray to my God to bless me and help me play the right part.
And through a day of turmoil, some difficult moments to live,
A smile here, some laughter there or a piece of mind to give.
The Realist in me is at work, with responsibilities to secure,
The rights and wrongs, in between a song, and learnings to endure.
And there are some down moments when the brain becomes negative,
The heart sinks to all time low and here I am the Pessimist!
But I am like a Phoenix, I burn to rise again,
And there is always a smile or two, hidden in the pain.
Yes of course you got me right my friend, I am none of these,
I am a Confusionalist & I do love to tease.


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