Cooking Woes!!!

“What to cook?”
Oh don’t hold me by the book.
I am a mother and a wife,
I am the backbone for the family to survive!
To the child, I can give a lecture or two
But what to cook, impromptu?
I look at the gas stove,
My enemy for life!
Damn Cooking came with the Neolithic age,
I believe as Apes, we were not in a bad shape.
Or maybe I could be dragon,
One blow of Flame and work done!
Who would bother what I burnt as food,
A chicken or even a station wagon.
You may not agree with this,
You are most welcome,
To some chef at heart,
My thoughts may seem gruesome!
But imagine my plight,
I am expected to cook with delight,
When all I want to do …
Is lean back to read or write!


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