Justice Undone

Beads of sweat set on Joe’s forehead. Summer was still far but the weight of the gunny bag was taking a toll on him. Three years he had done this work but today seemed more tiring. He stopped to drink. He carefully placed the gunny bag against the tree and pulled out the sipper tied... Continue Reading →


Predicament of Being Born

On the day I was unborn I took a stroll around the earth A few steps here, a few steps there Around the vastness of its girth Treading along unknown territory Wading through waters Marked as another’s sanctuary Lands spread across The wines and the creepers The trees standing tall Watching like time keepers I... Continue Reading →


Thoughts of hate eRupt from cracks on  my skin stAins of blood malign your promises stePs I take into the vacuum you created grasP the barbed wire to overcome my fall no onE around to hear me scream your name trappeD in the abyss of love – the epitaph on my grave.   -Vibha  

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