Forgetfully Yours

“Why don’t you get yourself checked for amnesia?” screamed Neha throwing a pillow at Amit.

“Because I forget, I have to do so.” he replied winning the catch.

This was the third time Amit had forgotten to pick Neha from the office and drove straight back home. Just three months into their marriage the love birds had their first major fight when Amit forgot to pick Neha from her office while driving back home.

She had waited for nearly an hour while she kept calling him on his mobile. Amit’s had put his phone on silent mode during a meeting and forgot to switch the ringer on later. He drove back home listening to the latest chart buster and not realizing his folly until a furious Neha came barging into the house. It took him three days to pacify his wife.

By the third episode Neha’s reaction was quick rage and reconciliation. Neha had seen Amit being careless and forgetful about things even during their dating period but actually living with such a habit was becoming painful.

“It is not as if he is unorganized but he simply forgets obvious things.” she told Rhea her friend and colleague.

“Good for you, at least you are prepared with a genuine reason for the ultimate memory loss on anniversaries and birthdays.” remarked Rhea. “Don’t worry, it’s not you, they even forget their beloved Mummyji’s birthdays.”

Neha smiled.

Time passed and the crucial first anniversary was near. Neha was a private person and arranged for a private dinner for the two at their favorite restaurant. She was well prepared for the eventuality that Amit will forget the date.

It wasn’t even dawn when Amit shook her awake.

“Happy Anniversary Darling!” he whispered into her ear.

Neha smiled and said, “You remember.”

“Yes. And I have a surprise for you.”

“A trip!” Neha exclaimed on seeing their bags packed.

“Where are we going?”

“It is a surprise.” replied Amit.

She got ready and they set off. After driving for a long way, Neha was thirsty.

“Oops, I forgot to keep the water bottle.” said Amit.

But today she was happy. Nothing he did could annoy her.

“No worries dear. Let’s stop somewhere.”

Clouds had gathered and it was about to rain. They stopped at a small tea shack.

“It is raining. Please sit inside my house?” said the tea seller.

“Let me get our phones.” said Amit, gesturing Neha to move ahead.

“Two masala chai and a bottle of water.” she asked the tea vendor.

Nearly ten minutes had passed. There was no sign of Amit. The vendor handed Neha a cup of tea and kept the other at the table besides her. It was a downpour and she could hardly see anything.

“Maybe he is waiting in the car for the rain to stop.” said the seller.

But Neha had a different feeling. She took an umbrella and walked towards the car.

It was not there.

She walked back to the house.

“Why don’t you call on his phone?” asked the tea seller.

“My phone was in the car.”

“Please use my phone. Go ahead call on his number.”

“But I don’t remember.” Neha replied.


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