Little God

I wrote this story many years back when I decided I will try my hand at short stories as well. Earlier I used to write only poetry. The start and end of this story was written in a gap of two years. After which I practically stalked my favourite author Ruskin Bond to gift him... Continue Reading →

Kaale Kauva Fest – Makar Sankranti In the Hills of Kumaon

If we actually understand the logic behind our traditional practices and celebration, we realise how man and nature were intertwined to each other. An informative piece on celebration of Sankranti in the beautiful hills of Kumaon - a celebration of the migratory birds! <iframe src="" style="height: 513px; width: 365px;" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen>

Hope…New Year

Green shines the winter sun Floating in the luke warm breeze Melody chirps through the air Midnight today time will freeze A year of haves A year of have nots Slowly creeping by Giving way to light Strength to fight And a will to live Another day Another year ... Hope happy new year

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