Morning Write and Rant

Alas, it’s morning again!

And it already feels like afternoon. The adrenaline rush of yesterday’s FIFA quarter finals between Russia and Croatia has long worn off and while the primal male and his offspring continue to sprawl on the bed with a roar and a snore, I on the other hand have been sitting upright since 6 a.m.

I often wonder, when will I learn to be lazy and sleep till the glory hours of noon. I don’t recall any one in my family being an insomniac, I am not even adept at afternoon siestas. Anyway, 6 a.m. and I decide not to get off the bed yet. I can do the bare minimum stretches and yoga tomorrow, I deserve to have a Sunday off.

No, I do not go back to sleep, I am completely incapable of doing so. I browse through the set of likes and comments on my blog and pass the hour only to be woken from the trance of being lazy by a phone call.

“Didi, Main aaj nahi aaoongi!” (Sister, I will not come to work today.)

Oh Yes, you guessed it right! The one sentence dreaded by most of the Indian Women was shot at me on a day I decided was Sunday (for me). The house help was taking a leave. If you really follow my blog, there was one such incident only in recent past and again today, the lady decided to make a Sunday for her on the very day I wanted a break. Apparently, I wanted a break yesterday also but it did not turn out as planned.


Well, what do I do in such a situation? I HAVE TEA.

So I dragged my bottom to the kitchen only to realise that milk was required to be boiled and ta-daah – The Chai Patti Dabba (tea container) was empty!

Of course, my life is not a bollywood flick where my prince charming (currently snoring) will rush out, through storms and waves, heat and dust to get me the one thing I desire (No,not a ten rupees Thums Up bottle) from the shop in vicinity. Digesting life’s reality bites I once again gear up and procure life’s essentials, and reach back home.

Tea is like petrol. It fuels our body more than we know. I don’t know about, oil and water, but I can cause the next world war for tea.

I prepare the perfect concotion of this elixir and find myself motivated to charge ahead.

Alas, not for housework but to write.

So, here I am…

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