Mausam* Memories

The sky is overcast. Raindrops float in the air as the clouds step down to earth. There is a shade of sun rays glittering through the clouds on the east, like a beautifully engraved motif of golden thread on the velvet sky. The golden hue is rustic and blends with the grey and blue sky perfectly, just like the elegantly dressed Royal Queen who understands how to make a statement with minimal jewels.

The clouds blanket the concrete jungle making the weather perfect for time to be with self. These are days when I feel like revisiting past, not people but places. There are places on earth which make winter rains look beautiful.

I have been lucky to have experienced living in such places. Dehradun, a valley in the lower Himalayas is where I spent a major part of my childhood. My home next to a mango orchard and the terrace overlooking a huge pine forest. The lane opened into a not very distant view of the hills and the weather… pleasantly chill.

My obsession for rains comes from this very place and from my Pa. He enjoyed watching rains standing in the verandah and I stood along with holding his big warm hands. This is what rains bring back to me… the secure feeling of those big hands. Rains are Pa’s way of telling me, “It will be all right. Come hold my hand.”

I wish it is a downpour today.

Time to walk back into the world… Good Morning!


*mausam means weather


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