Tenant Turmoil

Spring has officially arrived in India. While the winter rains keep playing games by unexpected arrivals and icy departures, yet Spring has managed to just make its way through the cracks and now makes its presence felt. The warmth of the sun mixed with the chill of the northern mountain air is a cocktail worth... Continue Reading →

Skin Memories

It has been 14 years and yet yesterday seems so fresh. Do we ever stop being the child to our parents? Even when we switch roles from being taken care of to becoming the caretaker, there is always a feeling... if only Pa was here. When I became a mother, I realized, parents are only... Continue Reading →

क्या फिर भारत के बेटे बन कर आओगे?

राम के घर विभीषण ने अपना दरबार लगाया है रेहमान भी देख, चौंक गया घनघोर कलयुग आया है   सुनकर ललकार तुम्हारी दुश्मन थर थर काँप उठे पर घर के भेदी निर्लज्ज हो तुम्हारे बलिदान पर सवाल करें   जवानी की कच्ची नींद से बस अभी तुम जागे थे सर पर अपने कफ़न बांधे कतार... Continue Reading →

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