Waking up to the Clouds

There is a blanket of white overlooking our balcony, a cloud just stepped down to earth. This is not a poetic statement, Fog literally means cloud on earth, and the feeling is real. I know there are a lot more negative nuances attached to the fog when you live in Delhi, but for the while, let us just call it a foggy winter morning.

The thought of a cloud blanket is so snug that it almost creates a warmth in me. I step out to the balcony trying to make sense of a view I see almost everyday. The fog gives it a mystic touch.

Can we take clouds in our hands? How does it feel to touch the cloud? Is it moistly fluffy?

Some childhood questions remain unanswered.

I remember the first time I experienced clouds. It was in Nainital, a hill station in Uttarakhand. The clouds had just floated into the garden of a relatives cottage. We weren’t allowed to go out of the house as chill had set in after the summer rain, but the view remains in my eyes. It was a cloud, surrounding us.

How I wished to run into the cloud and feel the fluff!!! Alas there were elders setting the rules. I am sure had I been allowed out that day, I could have felt it as it was.

The second time is never the same. I love sitting out in the fog. (please refrain from the pollution and breathing trouble issues for a while).

How often does the cloud come down on earth after all?

There are many writer’s retreat advertised in the property sections of newspapers and websites, but the clouds out there come for a cost. And with all the construction happening, I wonder if there will be any space for the cloud to just float by.

May be someday, I will have a cloud of my own. A cloud which I can touch as I raise my hand out of the window. A cloud which will be perfectly fluffy and warmly chill, a cloud just for me.



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