Tenant Turmoil

Spring has officially arrived in India. While the winter rains keep playing games by unexpected arrivals and icy departures, yet Spring has managed to just make its way through the cracks and now makes its presence felt. The warmth of the sun mixed with the chill of the northern mountain air is a cocktail worth waiting for. And with spring comes the new lot of tenants seeking a dwelling in the nook and corners of our mundane concrete high-rises giving a musical chaos to the mornings.

The rain washed air fills with the echoes of couples seeking a place to start a family. Usually on the 19th Floor one gets the notorious lot of pigeons, who of course are not the most desirable of tenants one could wish for. But over the years I see the social and smiling laughing doves who have pleasantly made their way up the ladder and now nest around making me wonder if I will ever have a say in my own balcony. They don’t mind my presence when I sit for my morning cuppa but then I am not over welcome to disturb their daily chores. Of course I am merely the ‘landlord’ as they say, it is home for them till they reside.


I was just getting used to these nice brown friendly flow of tenants when I realized this spring brings more surprise in small packages. Sparrows have made their way up and I see a small enthusiastic couple inspecting hollows and nooks they can find on the wall behind the AC unit. I wonder if they can see the marks left by the last residents. After a good look on the inside, the couple rest on the iron railings, (I am sure they appreciate the view my patio offers) before they fly away.

I wonder if they will return for negotiation. But, lo behold, the moment of solitude is immediately passed as old brown tenants come over laughing at my audacity to consider someone else over them. The doves are not giving up my residence so soon. Well, I guess I will continue to keep known company but I wonder with new tenants seeking my property, do I finally start asking for rent?

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