Growing Up Moms

Ah Yes! I know that it is always the little ones who grow up and parents usually grow old. But that is not really the case, because of social media the classroom has extended its reach to the not so kiddish Moms too. And if you end up with a like-minded set, you are lucky.

My child started school 7 years back and he continues to be in the same school. While the learning curve has its own ups and downs, it is we as mothers who have learnt to be each others support system, agony aunts, chat buddies and coffee companions with passing time to help survive the boons and banes of Mommyhood.

I say this for Moms in particular for it is more often than not that they are involved in the day to day schooling of the child in comparison to Daddy Dearest. And belonging to a very active Mommy group, brings me the realization how we have stood together not only as mothers but women too.

We grow together with our children and as they move from grade to grade we help each other calm our nerves in dealing with the animal pack we call our Kids.

From understanding homework demands to watching each other’s back and being subtle informers against the little ones we love so dearly I have sailed through each stage with the help of this Mommy Pack. Today we enter middle school and we are as nervous, indecisive and unready for the hormonal changes as our kids.

Yes we all are marching towards middle school and not middle age for we know middle age will be a sail through, the real challenge will be dealing with the burst of hormones we all gave birth to. But then, we know we are just a chat or phone call away from someone who understands us better than our better half.

Moms@5Kanha, this one is for you!



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